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Don’t you sometimes wish you could put the fat from your thighs in areas that need a little more volume — like your breasts? Well, at Jamachi Plastic Surgery in Silver Spring, Maryland, Chukwuemeka Onyewu, MD, does just that. His years of experience in plastic surgery have developed his expertise extracting excess adipose fat with liposuction and then reinjecting into areas that could benefit from augmentation. Call the office to find out more about fat transfers or request a consultation online.

Fat Transfer Q & A

Is fat transfer safe?

Fat transfers have been used successfully since the 1990s to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the faces and bodies of men and women. The process is performed while you are under anesthesia, which may be local or general, depending on the procedure you’re having done.

Fat transfer involves extracting fat using liposuction and processing the fat. It’s then skillfully reinjected into areas that you and the doctor have decided would benefit from augmentation.

What areas can be treated with fat transfer?

Fat transfers can boost the look of many “problem” areas on your body. These include the:


Fat transfers to the face restore a youthful appearance by adding volume to hollowed-out or wrinkled areas. It can also repair scars and boost lost volume in your cheeks.


Fat transfer is a natural-looking and feeling way to augment your breasts’ size. It can also correct breast asymmetry.

Hips and buttocks

Fat transfer can add volume to give you a curvier look with a better waist-to-hip ratio. Your buttocks can also be boosted in size and lift.

Hands and feet

Aging hands that have lost volume look more youthful following a fat transfer. Bony feet can feel more comfortable and get extra padding thanks to this procedure. 

How does fat transfer work?

During fat transfer, fat is extracted from the donor area using liposuction. Dr. Onyewu makes small incisions and inserts thin cannulas (tubes) that are attached to a vacuum device to remove the fat.

He then processes the fat, which removes any impurities and dead cells. In the final step, he injects the treated fat in small droplets just below the skin in the area to be enhanced. A slow reintroduction ensures good blood supply gets to each fat cell and increases the chance that the cells survive the procedure.

The amount of fat transferred is measured in cc’s and varies according to each patient’s specific needs and desires, in addition to the area of the body being treated.

If you’re interested in learning more about how fat transfers can enhance your body and aesthetic, call the office or request an appointment online.