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If you have a genetically flat backside, you can’t lift it up with extra calories, lunges, or squats; you'll need to rely on other methods if you want to improve the shape of your butt. At Jamachi Plastic Surgery, experienced plastic surgeon Chukwuemeka Onyewu, MD, can help you get the round, smooth, and contoured butt you desire. Call his office in Silver Spring, Maryland, to learn about how a Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve the physique you want, or you can request an appointment online.

Brazilian Butt Lift Q & A

What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift, or buttock augmentation, enhances the look of your backside, helping you look contoured and shapely. Dr. Onyewu enlarges the contour of the buttocks with a gluteal implant or fat transfer.

Who is a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

Men and women who want to enhance their natural curves, or who have sagging bottoms due to pregnancy or excessive weight loss, can benefit from a Brazilian butt lift. To be a good candidate, you must have realistic expectations about the procedure. Good hip and buttock skin tone help the outcome of the procedure, too.

Dr. Onyewu creates an individualized treatment to meet your specific goals and health. He considers the least invasive way possible to help you enhance your natural curves and get a shapely backside.

What can I expect during a Brazilian butt lift?

Your body and aesthetic goals are unique to you; thus, your Brazilian butt lift experience will also be unique. If Dr. Onyewu recommends a fat transfer, the doctor uses fat from other parts of your body, such as your abdomen, lower back, or thighs. He removes the fat via liposuction and then restores it to the buttock area to create shape and volume.

For patients receiving an implant, Dr. Onyewu recommends the shape size that best fits your body type, goals, and health. The implant is made from silicone and is placed, so you have minimal scarring.

What is recovery from a Brazilian butt lift like?

Once your procedure is complete, the area is covered with bandages, and Dr. Onyewu places drains to help remove fluid and blood from the incision area. You’ll be sent home once you’re stable — often the same day.

Dr. Onyewu provides specific instructions following your Brazillian butt lift, including the anticipated length of your recovery, activity modifications, and frequency of your follow-up visits to the office.

Both fat transfer and implants require you to stay off your behind for two to three days. This means you can’t sit and have to move directly from standing to lying down.

You may start to see results in a few days, but you'll need to wear a compression garment for at least one month. After six to eight weeks, about 80% of your final shape is apparent. After 12 weeks, you see optimal results.

If you desire a rounder, fuller, more shapely backside, call Jamachi Plastic Surgery or schedule a consultation online to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift.